"I have really enjoyed the course, thanks for being so friendly and for the mass of useful info"

"Its been great coming to this course and I feel more confident in my parenting"

" You have been a great mentor"

"I am really lucky to have worked with you and your cart load of experience, thanks so much, Tania"

" Thanks for all your advice and knowledge"

“Very good course enabling me to pick out helpful strategies from the parenting toolbox! Gave structure to the parenting remit and helped me to think logically about what is happening on a day to day basis and how to deal with it”

Colleague referral

I have known Lizzie through her work with parents and children for 20 years  and have worked alongside her as a trainer, co- leader of groups and supervisor. Lizzie has a very thorough understanding and knowledge of what works in parenting support, built up over many years’ experience. She wears this knowledge lightly, combining it always with a warm and down to earth approach and with empathy for both parents and children.

She has a firm belief that everyone is doing their best, albeit sometimes in very  difficult circumstances, and her approach is always non-judgemental and starts with the strengths of the parents. She is an excellent listener and has the ability to introduce new ideas and strategies in a way that is supportive and encouraging, so that people believe that change is possible and that they Can do it !

Many parents, and through them many children, have benefitted from Lizzie’s wise, kind and sensitive approach and have been enabled to make positive changes in their relationships, behaviour and family life.

Kathy Peto, Early Intervention Service, South West Oxfordshire. Formerly Oxfordshire Parenting Development Manager.